Zoom Printing & Graphics started out in 1965 as a small company in
Lindenhurst, New York. Bob and Annemarie MacIntosh, with their two young
children, gave up the corporate life at General Electric in New York City to
fulfill their dreams of owning their own business.

They purchased a small business called Freund Company, and mimeographed
newsletters for a large number of PTA’s. They worked out of their home for a
couple of years and then opened a larger print shop with offset printing
presses. As the business grew, they wanted to rename their company to
reflect the speed, quality and value their customers had come to expect.
After much deliberation, the name Zoom embodied the characteristics they were
looking for. Over thirty-five years later, the business is still thriving.

Bob’s son, Glenn, moved to the Syracuse area with his wife, Elaine, in
1992. He went in to the printing business managing a franchise operation
until he opened his own Zoom Printing & Graphics in 1996. Both operations
provide a wide variety of services to many satisfied clients. Since it’s
opening, the Syracuse location has been growing at a steady pace. Glenn
credits this growth to his excellent team of dedicated employees.

Glenn and Elaine have been growing their family as well. In September
of 2005 they welcomed the newest edition to their family: Hayden MacIntosh.
They now have five wonderful children, Hayden, Ryan, Dylan, Kyra and Liam.
All of whom are looking forward to working at Zoom someday in the future.

Zoom’s slogan, “Your friends in the printing business” fits them well.
They work hard to exceed their clients expectations every day! “We go the
extra mile to ensure our customers keep coming back” Glenn states.